Okay. So I really shouldn’t blog while in the throes of sleep deprivation. Turns out I’m a little bit of a monster on very little sleep.

E just turned six months (that update to follow soon), and I can’t believe what he can do! He was sitting by himself the other day, and reached with his left hand around his right side to get a toy. Wow! He just figured out how to work the squeaker on one of his toys, and he is so adorable whacking at it with his clumsy limbs.

Our sleep fell back in line soon after we returned home, and man, he’s a happy little guy. So smiley and giggly (the latest fit of laughter came from bouncing a playground ball). For a while he was babbling with some very clear /b/ and /w/ sounds, but right now he’s all about the bubble blowing and “raspberries”. He lets out this high pitched sound while rolling his lips, and that’s how he is talking at the moment! Funny.

We just started solid foods, and after a few unsure bites of each new one (where he gives a look of “what the heck is this”), he eagerly goes back for more. He opens his mouth (and sticks out his tongue) and dives for the spoon. I had wanted to do Baby Led Weaning, where we allow him to solely feed himself, but the logistics of making sure to have something we could cook for him every night was too much. We are giving him foods he can hold and eat (like avocado) as much as possible, but also feeding purées. He definitely prefers the challenge of feeding himself though, and he tries to scrape every last bit of food off his tray.

He has had avocado, banana (which he didn’t care for), sweet potato, and carrots. (We tried rice cereal only once, and he hated it! I would too, the stuff is not good.) Anyone follow a specific “schedule” for food introduction? We are giving only one new food at a time, but not waiting the several days for another one as is often suggested. I figure, if E’s going to have a reaction to something, it will happen pretty quickly, and we have no allergies in the family. He is so much fun at this age. But growing up way too fast. I will post his six month updates soon!