2 months!

Yesterday, E turned two months old!

I can’t believe how much we love this little guy.

This month, E loves…

His Ergo and sling carriers. The minute he’s put in either one, he calms and goes right to sleep. He loves being cuddled up with us, and we love having him close and happy!

His zebra. He has a zebra toy that he absolutely loves. The black and white stripes enthrall him! And it has rings and toys hanging from the legs that he hits and grabs. It was a great buy!

Taking a warm bath. E has a little plastic and mesh seat that is in our tub, and we fill the water so he’s mostly under it. He is so calm in the warm water and likes to kick. So cute!

Being on his playmat. He just hangs out on there! Sometimes he’s happier being by himself on the mat than being held. Funny boy. He lives to look at himself in the mirror on it, stare at his toys, and try to hit them.

Smiling at his moms. This month has been full of smiles! He has been smiling mainly in response to our smiles, but also in response to our voices. It melts my heart!

We love him so much! Here are some of our favorite pictures from this month.







Time is just flying by!



I have a number of things I’ve wanted to blog about but haven’t gotten around to, so I apologize for the un-timely nature of this post.

When we found out we were having a boy, of course the question of circumcision came up. And at first, without giving it much thought, we agreed that we would have E circumcised. I felt like I had a good idea of the pros and cons, and we both felt a little like “we aren’t men, so how can we decide?”.

E’s Birth Story

Here is E’s birth story, exactly as I wrote it after we came home from the hospital.  I didn’t want to forget a single detail! It’s written to E, in case he ever wants to know just how he came into this world.  🙂

Saturday, November 23, I lost my mucus plug.  I ran into the bathroom to Michelle, yelling “Babe! I’ve got mucus!”.  We knew it was a sign you’d be coming soon.  We called and told Nonni (my mom), but we all knew it could still be a few days.  We went and ran a few errands, went to Maya’s basketball game, and then went to our friends’ to watch the Ducks game.  While we were there, Michelle and our friends were bugging the kids to tell you to come out, and making them tell us their predictions on when you’d be here.  Brian told them that only whoever was closest would get a birthday that year, and Pete was very worried that he might be serious (Pete guessed you’d be here in one day!).  When we got home around 7, I started feeling contractions.  I didn’t want to tell Michelle in case it was a false alarm, but she figured it out when I kept looking at the clock to time the contractions.  Contractions were irregularly spaced, but we decided we’d better try to get some sleep in case this was it!  Around 10:30, though, we got up – I couldn’t sleep through the contractions – called Nonni and told her what was happening, texted our midwife, Sam, and went to make dinner since we hadn’t eaten very well during the football game.  Nonni got here around 2:45am, and we all tried to get a few more hours of sleep.  Michelle and I had about 4 hours sleep total Saturday night.

            Sunday, we mostly stayed around the house, resting and timing contractions.  They continued to be irregular, and weren’t becoming longer or closer together.  We spoke with Sam, our midwife, and she said it was definitely still early labor.  We walked the dogs, played some games, read, and went to the dog park, and I dozed between contractions.  Michelle kept encouraging me to walk around, knowing that would intensify contractions, and we started walking laps around the house.  I had a few more intense contractions that made me sick, and Michelle said she thought it was time to go to the hospital.  Sam said they would directly admit us to the hospital, even though it still sounded like I was in early labor.  We got to the hospital around 7, and spent the first few hours doing admission.  The nurse was driving us crazy!  She seemed to be going so slowly, and couldn’t figure out my IV (I had to have penicillin because of Group B Strep).  We had asked that there not be anyone extra in the room unless absolutely necessary, and the nurse just hung around, commenting on our conversations, and making everyone feel awkward.  Amy met us there too and started taking pictures.  When Sam arrived, she checked me and I was 4 cm dilated.  She suggested that she break my water since we’d been up for so long, and we didn’t know how slowly things would continue to progress.  Michelle and I went for a walk around the birthing center, and the contractions made me sick again.  The nurses in the hallway had to run to get something for me to throw up in.  At 10:30, I was 5 cm dilated, and Sam broke my water. 

            After that, things changed quickly.  I got into the tub, and stayed there for hours.  My contractions became much stronger, and I needed Michelle to push on my back during each one.  Around midnight, it was time for another IV.  The nurse couldn’t get it figured out, and I was stuck in an uncomfortable position, with my hand raised up out of the water for what felt like forever.  The nurse even dropped her glasses into the tub, and I had to fish them out for her.  I wanted to kill her.  I asked for Sam, and she came and stayed with me the whole rest of the time until you arrived.  At one point, I needed to go to the bathroom, but the thought of going all the way across the room with contractions was too much, so the nurse brought me a bedpan.  The contractions were incredibly painful, and Sam coached me to moan/yell in low pitches.  Michelle helped me to keep my breathing even too.  After what felt like forever, Sam suggested that I try hands and knees on the bed.  It was freezing out of the tub!  When she checked me, I was 8cm dilated, and I was really upset that I wasn’t closer to being done!  I was so tired, I couldn’t hold myself up on hands and knees, and it was impossible to find a relatively comfortable position.  Finally, around 3am, the nurse set up the birthing stool, and I knew we were getting close.  I sat on it, with Michelle behind me on the edge of the bed, and Sam sat cross-legged on the floor in front of me.  I had to wait to push for a few minutes because my cervix was stuck blocking you.  Finally, Sam announced I was “complete”.  I pushed for about 45 minutes before you arrived.  I had almost no pain during contractions at this point, but I felt a little nervous about tearing, so I didn’t push hard right away.  I had no idea how close you were to arriving until they called in the extra nurse.  Sam had me feel for you just before you were born.  A couple good pushes and you were here!  Sam held you down below me for a minute, and we marveled at you.  I kept saying, “Oh my god, oh my god!”.  Michelle was in shock.  Sam handed you to me, and I got to hold you for the first time.  Then your momma cut your cord (it took two tries), and I got into bed with you so that Sam could stitch me up (I had a small 1st degree tear).  We were so happy you were finally here!




Early Labor



Laboring in the tub


Our first look


We are so in love with him!


Michelle and E


And baby makes three!