Graduation Day

Last Thursday (I know, I have taken forever to update) we had our second ultrasound.  I’ve been feeling extremely nauseous the past few weeks (excellent even though it doesn’t feel so great) and we were feeling positive but not confident going into the appointment.  The nurse practitioner came in to do the ultrasound, which is probably a good sign that the doctor wasn’t too worried, but I’ve never felt totally confident in her abilities.  The ultrasound showed that our little bean is growing perfectly.  I was eight weeks six days, and the bean measured eight weeks five days (I guess two days above or below is fine), and the heartbeat was strong and fast – 170!  (Maybe a little girl??)  And the best part?  It wiggled it’s little bum while we were watching.  =)  So, we were released from the RE’s office, and will now see my OB/GYN exclusively.  Yay!  The doctor and nurses all came out to congratulate us and tell us how much they’d been rooting for us after our long and hard journey.  It was really touching, and they were all so genuinely emotional about it.  The nurse practitioner offered us a book – Expecting 411, asking if we already had it from one of the previous pregnancies.  We didn’t, which I guess makes it clear how little they had believed those would work out.

We’ve taken our first pregnancy belly pictures and are slowly starting to tell people.  It still feels like we’re going to jinx it!  I’ve told a few of the key people at school so that we can begin planning the rest of my graduate school career around our little babe.  I so hope that this is it.  There’s still so much at so many points along the way that could go wrong.  I also reached out to the friend who had seemed so cold about our losses, and she said that at her first ultrasound they couldn’t find her baby’s heartbeat, and that for the week that they had to wait to look again, she understood a little bit of what we felt.  We are only seven weeks apart in our pregnancies.

We are getting so excited, although it still feels very surreal.  We’ve even started to talk cloth diaper brands.  =)  Tomorrow is our first appointment with the OB for family history and genetic testing.  We’re on our way!


8 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Yay….its too early to tell gender by heart rate….we are having a boy and until 2nd trimester his heartrate was always over 170 now its around 145-150. Great news tho congrats!!

    • thebings says:

      Thank you! We really don’t care either way, but it is fun to play into some of those old wives’ tales! I think it makes it a little more real to pretend at the gender.

  2. Rachael says:

    So glad to see an update, I have been thinking about you guys! I’m so glad to see the positive news. I guess a girl too! Then again, I’ve been guessing girl for just about everyone 😉 Here’s to an uneventful, normal, happy pregnancy for you and then a beautiful baby (something healthy) in the near future!

  3. pepibebe says:

    Congratulations and yippee!

  4. Congratulations! Such wonderful news!

  5. Congratulations! So pleased for you and I hope everything continues to go smoothly.

  6. MrsT says:

    Yay! So happy for you two! So happy to hear that the ultrasound went well. So much fun to start thinking about the gender! Hope the nausea starts to get better soon!

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