Why Does This Have To Be So Hard?

Yesterday I had an appointment with the RE for my mid-cycle ultrasound. First, I’ll rant about that, then tell you how it went. Let me start with, I have a life. I may not have a job, but I have classes and meetings that can’t be missed. So when I make an appointment, I choose times specifically because they fit with my schedule, however, every appointment I have had with the RE’s office has been changed last minute. I got a call Monday afternoon saying that Oh, the nurse practitioner isn’t going to be in in the afternoon after all, and I needed to come in that morning. Not an option! There’s a reason that I chose the afternoon appointment. And why don’t you know when the doctors or the nurse practitioner are going to be there? It just feels like such a lack of respect for me and my time.

Secondly, my wife thought I should share with you my feelings regarding the nurse practitioner. She’s incompetent! Every time I go in for an ultrasound with her, she can’t find my left ovary. Really? And each time, she pulls the ultrasound thing out, saying she needs to re-apply the lubricant, and applies so much that it ends up everywhere. Needless to say, I’m frustrated with this office.

So, the appointment. I have one follicle this cycle. Which may be enough for normal people, but obviously not for me. I’ve taken statistics before, and I know enough to know that my experimental odds are not good. Like 1:15 (or 16?). And really, if you’re just looking at the odds in cycles with one egg, it’d be more like 0:14. I’m so frustrated, and bitter, and depressed. I know we’re planning to do more next cycle, but the thought of even one more month of not being pregnant puts me into a panic.

We’re definitely not thinking it’s going to happen this month. We’re going to start the process for using our known donor in IUI. So that means lawyers and counselors, and a plethora of doctors’ visits for our donor. Why does this have to be so hard?


5 thoughts on “Why Does This Have To Be So Hard?

  1. i tell you i have a similar problem with my doctors office and it stresses me out to make appointments, and everyone knows your not supposed to be stressed especially around ovulation!! i am starting to think i need to me more aggressive with the Dr office but its just not in my nature. Good luck this cycle maybe 0:14 is all you need.

    • thebings says:

      Thank you. My wife has been the one to call and give them a piece of her mind in the past because it’s not in my nature either. It IS really stressful, and they should be more sensitive to what we’re going through!

  2. I’ve experienced the same problems with waiting. It’s an epidemic. As for “why does this have to be so hard?” I’m convinced I pissed off somebody really important in a previous life.

  3. I’ve experienced the same things with docs and nurses….and I always think “they do know they are dealing with very hormonal women right??” I just can’t believe that I am the only one who sees it or who snaps on them for it lol So I am glad other ppl deal with the same things but I dont think we should have to!!


    • thebings says:

      No kidding! We have enough to deal with. I have to keep telling myself that they are really smart, albeit lacking in social skills, but that’s better than the other way around!

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