RE vs. OB

After a morning of crying my way through schoolwork in our graduate lab because of people who don’t know any better complaining about their past pregnancies, and those without kids meticulously planning how it will happen, and everyone seemingly ungrateful from my perspective, I started bleeding.  I thought, this is it!  I could potentially be pregnant again in a couple weeks!

It had only been two weeks since I stopped bleeding/spotting after the d and c, so I wasn’t sure it would count as my first period, or if it was just continued bleeding from the d and c.  And if that was the case, it would mean that there was tissue left behind, and a repeat d and c would be next.  So I called the RE first thing Friday morning.  The nurse said it could very well be a period (exactly 28 days after the d and c – I am crazy regular!), and asked if I had spoken to the doctor about the plan.  Ummm, no, he couldn’t even schedule the d and c for me like he said he would, or send my OB/GYN my records, let alone see how I was or talk about what to do next.

She said they usually make people wait one complete cycle until doing another medicated try, meaning waiting until after my next period in September.  WHAT?!  My OB had said that we could try again as soon as I got my first period!  So of course, I want to go with what he said, even though I know the RE is the expert.  The nurse said she would check with the RE and call me later.  Later I get a message from them that says, “Call us in September after your next period.”

My OB said the reason they often say to wait a few months is a slightly elevated chance of miscarriage in the cycle following a miscarriage, but that the data is biased because they’re testing a population that is obviously trying to get pregnant, and they’re looking for miscarriages so catching all the early ones that we may miss.  That makes sense to me, but I know I’ll believe anything that makes it so that I can try right away.  It already feels like it’s been a lifetime waiting.  All I want is to be pregnant again!  I don’t think I can wait another four weeks…

So if we try this month (and I can’t imagine not), it’ll be with no trigger shot or ultrasound to help us pinpoint the timing.  And I think that was the key this last time.  My OB prescribed Clomid for me already, and said he would prescribe the trigger shot, but I’m not sure I would feel comfortable using it without an ultrasound showing that the eggs are ready.  What to do!?  In my body there’s no question, but I’m not sure in my head.


6 thoughts on “RE vs. OB

  1. egarza03 says:

    Im sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage back in Feb. and this is only my second iui since then due to AF taking forever and overdue ovulation, etc. Ive learned the value of patience. Hang in there.

  2. Isa says:

    how frustrating! Would they be willing to let you do the ultrasounds, etc, for an unmedicated try?

  3. Roxxroxx says:

    I think I would try. Have you got OPKs and stuff?

  4. MrsT says:

    I hope you go ahead and try again. I’m cheering you on and sending positve vibes your way! Keep us updated : )

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