Seeing red

A few days ago we called our RE and requested a third HCG blood test, just to alleviate our fears.  They kind of chuckled at how nervous and silly (to them) we were being, but went ahead and scheduled us for a blood draw yesterday.  I went in, they took my blood, and I stopped in the bathroom on my way out. And saw my greatest fear realized – blood was on the toilet paper.  I started shaking, and crying, and tried to pull it together to leave the building.  Then I realized it was stupid to be AT the doctor’s office and not go back in to talk to them, so I turned around, went back, and tried to discreetly (other people were in the waiting room) ask to see a nurse.

The nurse came in and I told her I had just been in the bathroom and saw blood.  She started to tell me that was normal with IUI, but when I corrected her (we didn’t do IUI this cycle), she left and sent the head nurse in.  Megan, the head nurse, said about 75% of their patients see some blood early in their pregnancy, and they would know more after they got my blood results back.  Thank god I insisted on getting them!  She also added a progesterone test.

I went to run a couple of errands, trying to keep busy, and making bathroom stops every few minutes to check on things.  It wasn’t letting up.  In fact, I was seeing enough blood that I had to go buy pads.  Meanwhile, I’m hysterical, and trying to fill Michelle in, but also not wanting to talk about it, and I had to go back to school for my afternoon class.  When I stopped in the bathroom at school to check again, I had an actual stream of bright red blood that flowed into the toilet.  After the second time that happened, I called the RE’s office again.

Megan told me to be on bed rest for the afternoon/evening (which wasn’t going to be possible until later), and to hang in until we knew more from the blood test results.  Picture me, again, bawling and having to pull it together to go back into my class.

Finally I got the call with the results.  HCG was 14,020 and progesterone was 38.  She said both numbers were great, and she didn’t see a need to give me a progesterone supplement, since it looked like my body was making it fine on its own.  By our count, our numbers should have been about 10,000 by the doubling every two days rule.  So, 14,000 seems fantastic!  So why all the blood?!

She said we just have to wait and see.  Our ultrasound is scheduled for Tuesday, and she doesn’t want to move it any sooner because it may just worry us more if we don’t hear the heartbeat, and it would be too early for that.  I asked if it could be that I was carrying multiples and lost one.  She said she wouldn’t count it out, but we really won’t know until Tuesday.

So, I’m at home, laying around, trying to take it easy on “bed rest”.  The bleeding slowed last night, and has completely disappeared today.  Nothing but a little residual.  So what the heck!?  I just want to know that Poppy (our nickname for our little poppyseed) is still in there and is okay.  I’ve been researching the heck out of it, and Michelle has too, but there’s so much variation out there.  I’ve only been pregnant for a week and a half (that I’ve known)… it just can’t be over.


2 thoughts on “Seeing red

  1. MrsT says:

    Oh Honey, I am so sorry that you are going through all this! Can’t imagine how scary seeing that must have been. Glad to hear that the bleeding has stopped. Try to stay as relaxed and calm as you can. Thinking about you two and praying that everything is alright : )

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