Has it really only been a week!?

The title really says it all. I seriously can’t believe it has only been a week since we inseminated. And honestly it has really only been 6 days. I am going crazy!

I thought with it being the last week of school and all of the kids’ activities and assemblies the week would fly by. And we’re leaving on Saturday to head home to spend father’s day with my step-dad, then into the San Juan islands of Washington to have a little vacation, then back home because my grandma and Mom will be here for a visit.

Sounds busy enough to keep my mind off of things, right? Wrong. I can’t believe how slowly time seems to be passing, and I know it’s because I have high expectations again. Michelle has already started asking me when we can start testing (not that I haven’t thought about it myself, but really).

Any other suggestions besides just keeping busy?


3 thoughts on “Has it really only been a week!?

  1. MrsT says:

    Oh honey…I don’t think there is an answer to how to get through that tww without going crazy! I will tell you that yoga always helped me destress and let go of all that built up tension : )

  2. Inseminating today and tomorrow, then I will be going stir-crazy throughout the TWW as well!!! Hopefully the holiday and family coming out will help. Ok, it won’t, but I’ll be checking here to see what your news is!


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