Heading into the two-week-wait

We ended up inseminating twice in one day this cycle (our donor is amazing!!), at about 22 hours after the trigger shot and 36 hours after. I’ve tried everything this month- double dose of Clomid, Robitussin, baby aspirin, trigger shot, and progesterone supplements starting today…

I used to have a very science-minded outlook to getting pregnant, testing only one variable at a time. Now? That is out the window completely; I’m going for everything at once! I just hope something works… I’m afraid that the issue may be with my cervical mucus, which would be easily by-passed with IUI, if IUI was easily accessible for us. So frustrating!

Headed into a long two-week-wait now…


5 thoughts on “Heading into the two-week-wait

  1. try eating the core of a pineapple. The cycle that i got pregnant, I pulled out all the stops, including the pineapple core. If you don’t mind chewy, it’ll do. Also I hear pre-seed is good to help with mucus issues. I’ve never tried that though. Best of luck this cycle!

  2. Roxxroxx says:

    GOOD LUCK! Try to keep yourself busy now the deed is done – fill your time with exciting things. Look forward to some good news this cycle.

    • thebings says:

      Thank you! Next week is the last week of school (my job), so that’ll be crazy, and then we are taking a little vaca! Visiting the beautiful San Juan Islands and family for a few days. Hoping to stay busy and relaxed. 🙂

  3. Oh god, the two week wait, it’s so nervewracking for me to even read it on someone else’s blog! Stay busy!

    -27andfostering (27andfostering.tumblr.com)

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