Pregnancy Updates

So here are the pregnancy updates (I can’t even believe I’m typing the word pregnancy!).

On Friday, we stopped at the RE’s office on our way home from vacation, and found out that I am indeed pregnant! My HCG level was 66.13, estrogen was 298, and progesterone was 28.8, all of which they said were normal and good.

Then today I went in for more bloodwork, and my HCG level was 863! The nurse said that was a fantastic rise, and that it looks like a viable pregnancy. My question was, “Is that average? Or should we be thinking multiples?” She was very non-committal, sticking to the “it’s a great rise” mantra. We knew it was a possibility with multiple eggs this cycle… I know the number isn’t huge for 18 days past ovulation, but it’s certainly more than doubling every 48 hours! We will find out for sure on July 10th when we go in for our first ultrasound.

It’s still so unbelievable to us both… But we talk about it constantly; I think trying to make it feel real! I am certainly feeling things though… Tired, light-headed, hungry, nauseous. I love it!


Oh My God!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

We tested two days ago (11 days past ovulation) and got that ugly “Not Pregnant” and decided we would test again today when we were 13 days past. The past three or four days I’ve been feeling a bit nauseous and very light-headed and tired, so we have been relentlessly googling whether it could be related to the natural Wild Yam Extract that I’m taking as a progesterone supplement. Nothing was conclusive. I keep checking what I’m feeling against Michelle. Are you tired? Does it feel like the floor is uneven in here? I’m so lucky to have a women to compare with! 😉

I was restless all night and up a couple of times, trying not to use the bathroom! I wanted to save it up for the test. When I started dreaming about peeing, I flew out of bed to the bathroom. Peed on the stick, sat on the toilet and waited. And waited.


I said, “Shut up!” and whipped the door open, holding the test toward Michelle’s face. She said, “Does that say pregnant?” I nodded. We hugged, and laughed, and did our “happy dance”. Then snapped the picture, zipped it off to our closest friend (our donor’s wife) and here I am!

We are both super aware of how early it is in a pregnancy, but this is the very first time we’ve seen anything besides a no! Please god, let this stick. It has been exactly a year since we started trying. I joked that I was so adamant about my “schedule” and wanting to get pregnant in June or July, I just must not have specified which year! 🙂

These next few weeks will be so hard trying to keep it to ourselves until we know more. I am so thankful for this space and all of you! And congratulations again to my blogger friends and their new pregnancies!

Has it really only been a week!?

The title really says it all. I seriously can’t believe it has only been a week since we inseminated. And honestly it has really only been 6 days. I am going crazy!

I thought with it being the last week of school and all of the kids’ activities and assemblies the week would fly by. And we’re leaving on Saturday to head home to spend father’s day with my step-dad, then into the San Juan islands of Washington to have a little vacation, then back home because my grandma and Mom will be here for a visit.

Sounds busy enough to keep my mind off of things, right? Wrong. I can’t believe how slowly time seems to be passing, and I know it’s because I have high expectations again. Michelle has already started asking me when we can start testing (not that I haven’t thought about it myself, but really).

Any other suggestions besides just keeping busy?

Heading into the two-week-wait

We ended up inseminating twice in one day this cycle (our donor is amazing!!), at about 22 hours after the trigger shot and 36 hours after. I’ve tried everything this month- double dose of Clomid, Robitussin, baby aspirin, trigger shot, and progesterone supplements starting today…

I used to have a very science-minded outlook to getting pregnant, testing only one variable at a time. Now? That is out the window completely; I’m going for everything at once! I just hope something works… I’m afraid that the issue may be with my cervical mucus, which would be easily by-passed with IUI, if IUI was easily accessible for us. So frustrating!

Headed into a long two-week-wait now…


So, if you hadn’t already guessed, we’re not pregnant. On the 27th, we went in for the baseline ultrasound, and everything was normal. He found 7 follicles on my right side, and 6 on my left. I guess that’s about average? And my hormone levels were normal for that stage of my cycle. We had a different doctor, but again I was a little taken aback by the demeanor. So matter-of-fact and impersonal! I basically got told to take out my tampon, they did the transvaginal ultrasound (ouch), and left me on the table. He bluntly told us that the IUI with our known donor’s sperm was not going to happen, and was surprised that the other doctor had even agreed to talk to legal about it.

Then, last Friday I called to find out where we stood for this cycle, and spoke to the nursing manager. She said that the 6 month quarantine is their clinic rule, and not the FDA’s, so they could waive that after they wrote a new policy for us. (But how long would that take!) She sent us a “packet” of what they would require from our donor, though, and here’s what it entails:

Family history and paperwork
Blood work
Legal documents outlining rights
Mandatory counseling for him and his wife

The first three I understand, and they are FDA required, but the last two? We are planning to get legal documents after we achieve a pregnancy, but what business is it of theirs? And counseling for him and his wife?? That’s an awful lot to ask of someone who is doing us a HUGE favor (uh, offering us a baby?). Plus, the “donations” would have to be within 7 days of the blood work, so he would have like three donations within a week. And the clinic is an hour and a half away. It’s all just too much.

On the brighter side, though, I took 100mg of Clomid this month (got two prescriptions filled at once; I’m desperate!) My mid-cycle ultrasound showed two mature follicles and one other possible candidate. They were at 18.5mm, 17mm, and 14mm. I guess they’ll grow a bit more before I ovulate, but were good for day 11. My uterine lining was 10 (mm?), and the nurse practitioner said they like at least a 7. So, we paid for a trigger shot, just to help pinpoint the timing. We figured it was worth a shot (no pun intended).

I left feeling hopeful for this cycle, which I hope doesn’t leave me with nothing but greater disappointment. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t expect to get pregnant, so this feeling makes me nervous.

We inseminate tomorrow and Friday, 32 hours after the trigger shot, and 57 hours after. The shot is supposed to make me ovulate 36-40 hours after taking it, and they told us the eggs can live for about 24 hours. We wanted the best sperm (what is saved up) for the first, better-timed insemination, and the second one just in case. If it doesn’t happen this time, I don’t know what we’ll do next.