Seeing an RE

So, we aren’t pregnant. Still. It’s getting so depressing to report that month after month.

I’m taking Clomid again for this next cycle, 50mg days 3-7, but besides making me a b****, I don’t know that it is doing anything in our favor. 🙂

Right after starting my period, I checked the calendar, and of course I’ll be ovulating on Mother’s Day. Which means we need our donor available, which means we’re taking him from his family that day. His family was planning to be out of town that weekend, but when I spoke to his wife, she immediately said they would go a different weekend. They are so amazing! I love love love them and having them in our lives.

We also made an appointment with an RE, scheduled for May 16 (after we inseminate, so I’m not sure how that works). I’m not sure if we’ll run into some issues regarding our known donor either, as I’ve seen/heard that some clinics require sperm to be quarantined if it isn’t your partner’s. Stupid! It isn’t like it hasn’t been in me before. (Lol, that sounds so weird.) Michelle is already up-in-arms about the possibility, and ready to fight them on that point. It IS kind of discriminatory. We’ll see. Just hearing the costs makes me sick. We were paying a lot for the first five months, but lately it’s been basically free with the known donor and at-home inseminations.

I am super glad that I decided to attend the on-campus program for graduate school, though, as I hate feeling like I’m putting off life while we wait for a baby. I’m excited to quit my job and start a new chapter in life! At least we still feel like we’re moving forward.

With the RE, as my friend put it, it’ll be nice to have someone else trying to solve our fertility issues! Maybe that’ll take a weight off. Apparently their program includes stress management and acupuncture – both of which I could use!


One thought on “Seeing an RE

  1. Maybe ovulating on Mother’s Day will be good luck. 🙂 hope it all works out.

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