My dyeing day

Friday I went in for an HSG.  Good news is they found nothing wrong.  Bad news is they found nothing wrong, so we are still in no-man’s-land (literally too!), not knowing what the solution might be for us.

We went into the hospital, and after the general awkwardness during registration that often occurs regarding my marital status (married!), husband’s name (“Wife actually, and her name is Michelle.”), etc., we headed back to radiology.  In the room (with me on the very uncomfortable table, in my birthday suit, spread-eagle) were: Michelle, my OB-GYN, the nurse, the nurse’s student, and the Radiologist.  Living in a small town where my wife grew up, I should be used to these situations, but this one caught me a little off-guard.  When the radiologist came in and introduced himself (you might recall I am on the table, birthday suit, spread eagle) and lo and behold, he is an old friend of Michelle’s!  “Nice to meet you, can’t wait to have you see my uterus!”  =)

The Table


And here is a lovely picture of my uterus and fallopian tubes!


I was happy that not too much pain was involved, just some cramping when my doctor inflated the balloon in my uterus.  There were a few tense moments, as my right tube filled with the dye right away, and the left didn’t.  Finally, though, the left cleared as well, and we were good to go!  My doctor said sometimes this procedure, with the “cleaning out” that occurs, can actually increase your chances in the next cycle!  (We’re going to go with that theory.)  The dye coming back afterward was unpleasant, but I wonder what happens to the dye that leaks out of your fallopian tubes into your abdomen?  And, if there is an opening in the tubes, how do the eggs not fall out?  Hmmm…

The rest of our Friday was filled with kiddos.  We have learned that things like carving pumpkins and dyeing eggs are more fun with kids, and not having any (yet!), we have our friends and their munchkins over to celebrate with us.  We dyed eggs and staged an egg hunt, our house was chaotic, and it was perfect.  With kids playing and laughing and running laps through our house, I couldn’t stop smiling at them.  It is what our house was meant for.


2 thoughts on “My dyeing day

  1. Isa says:

    Glad it went well, but oh goodness, I am so glad to have never seen any of the health practitioners before in my life! You’re awesome for getting through that awkwardness. Hopefully things are all tidy in there and ready to welcome a baby!

  2. MrsT says:

    Good to hear that everything went well. We know a couple that had the same thing done and ended up pregnant on their next cycle. Wishing you the best of luck!

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