The deed is done

We are officially heading into the two week wait.  With the Clomid, I ovulated 4 days later than I normally would, so this cycle feels like it’s been extended to forever. 

I’m hoping this two week wait goes quickly, and the only thing I can do is try to stay as busy as possible.  My mom and older brother will be visiting this weekend, and next week (spring break here) we will be visiting my aunt – the first time I will have seen her since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hopefully that will fill my time, and since Michelle won’t be able to join me, there won’t be any early testing for pregnancy this month.

So here we go! I’m steeling myself for a long couple of weeks.


3 thoughts on “The deed is done

  1. Fingers crossed – the tww’s must be such an odd time! Seems like Clomid really does improve the odds for people from reading these blogs…

  2. MrsT says:

    Good Luck!!!! The waiting is the worst but you’ll get through it! Trying to keep busy and keep thinking positive!

  3. user72521 says:

    I know it’s the longest two weeks. I have my fingers crossed for you guys, I enjoy your blog.

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